yaEAI is an enterprise solution to address the complex needs of high volume,
semantic information integration.

This solution can be viewed as amalgamation of three distinct functionalities

a.   Data integration & ETL

Data is everywhere. Systems process data to create more data. The
perpetual requirement to generate relevant information from ever growing,
heterogeneous and diverse data silos is a great challenge for every mid-size
and large enterprises irrespective of their business. An Enterprise Integration
solution brings data from all such systems under one roof. Extract, Transform,
Load yaEAI. A typical ETL is a backoffice function, which aims to create
information from data, the process works on the historic, past event.

b.   Enterprise Application Integration

EAI capabilities of yaEAI brings the application integration at realtime
transaction level.

c.   data mining and knowledge discovery

EAI works with multi Features.